Common Types of Exhibition Events You Can Organize

Types of Exhibition Events

Creating a work-life balance has become quite crucial for the current generations. It offers them time to relax and reenergize to better focus on their work. Outdoor activities attract many people and help them enjoy their quality time with friends or family. Exhibition events are one of the most popular activities attracting the public in recent times.

Exhibition events offer inspiration and relaxation to the attendees. You can also organize such an event to offer a platform to the artists as well as the general public to appreciate the artwork.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to get your hands on common types of exhibition events you can organize and ensure a profitable and successful setup.

Top 6 Types of Exhibition Events You Can Setup

Exhibition events are becoming quite popular in current times. People are eager to explore, enjoy and get inspiration from art. You must delve into the types of exhibition events and set up one efficiently to secure high profits.

Here are the major types of exhibition events you can set up to attract more and more attendees and earn high profits.

1. Solo Exhibition

A solo exhibition is the first and foremost type of exhibition event you can set up successfully. As the name suggests, the artwork and pieces of a single artist are displayed in such an exhibition. Usually, new artists set up solo exhibitions to introduce their style and art to the general public and establish their mark. At times, galleries also set up solo exhibitions of deceased artists to commemorate their artwork. They often engage with professional platforms to sell tickets online and manage the influx of audiences to protect the art while offering quality experiences to the attendees.

2. Duo Exhibition

A duo exhibition is the next most common type of exhibition event you can set up successfully. Two artists are engaged in such an exhibition event to showcase their artwork. Both can be from the same genre or even different ones. For instance, you can arrange an exhibition for two painters or a painter and a sculptor. The latter idea is usually more successful as it allows the attendees to absorb and appreciate the style, pattern, and theme of both artists without comparing them. It is also crucial to equally promote both artists and provide exposure to them through the event.

3. Group Exhibition

The group exhibition is the next type of exhibition event you can plan and set up successfully. As evident from the name, such an exhibition displays the artwork of a group of artists. Such exhibitions are usually organized to establish or support a cause. For instance, various artists can collaborate and display their pieces at the same event for Mother’s Day. It can also be meant to support a charity through fundraisers. Group exhibitions require more effort and time from the organizers as it is difficult to bring various artists together. Develop a checklist and follow it thoroughly to avoid any issues. Manage your attendees through the perfect ticketing platform.

4. Institutional Exhibition

Institutional exhibition is the next common type of exhibition event you must know about. Such an event is organized in an institution. The graduating students are required to display their final year works as a requirement for passing out. Notable artists and critics are invited to the institutional exhibitions to share their opinion, appreciation, and critique of the displayed artworks. Institutional exhibitions play a critical role in giving a kick boost to the career of budding artists. So, make sure to tick all the required boxes for a successful event organization.

5. Museum Exhibition

A museum exhibition is another type of exhibition event you can plan and organize successfully. Such exhibitions are organized in the museums. The artworks do not exactly have to be paintings but can be sculptures and other pieces. You can collaborate with museums to set up the exhibition, which will prompt the attendees to explore the museum too. You must confine your exhibition to a specific section and manage the foot traffic efficiently so the attendees do not harm the museum.

6. Art Event Exhibition

Art event exhibition is the last type of exhibition event you can plan and set up successfully. An art event exhibition is one set up as a small part of the overall art event. It can be an art festival with poets, storytellers, theater stars, sculptors, and artists on board. You can display the art of various artists from various categories at such an event. However, it is much better to pick and follow a theme to garner appreciation. You must interact with a professional platform to sell tickets online and manage foot traffic to allow the attendees extensive time to appreciate the artwork.

Have you finalized the type of exhibition event?

After finalizing the type of exhibition event, you need to approach and finalize the artists. After that, explore the best ticketing platform to sell your event tickets and ensure smooth and successful event organization.

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