How to Solve Unable to Open EML File Attachment in Outlook?

Unable to open EML file attachment in outlook

bnewshift: You try to open an EML file with attachment in Outlook. However, if you are unable to open EML file attachment in Outlook. so, this article will help you. In this, we discuss the reason behind the issue and the solutions to fix it.

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Electronic mail or EML file format for short is a standard format for storing email. This file is one of the most common files that is used in most email applications such as Gmail, Outlook, Windows Live Mail, etc. When you save a single email in an EML file, it not only saves the information, but also preserves the meta properties of email including attachment. By doing this, you can save the spaces and make it easier to organize your emails. 

Reasons Users not Not Able to Export EML File Attachment in Outlook

It is very easy to open an EML file along with an attachment in Outlook. You can simply right-click the file and open it in Outlook. But there are some instances where you are unable to open EML file attachment in Outlook.

  • Using outdated MS Outlook software may not allow you to export EML file attachments in Outlook.
  • If your EML file is damaged or corrupt, then it will be difficult to open EML file attachment in Outlook.
  • This issue also happens, if the source of the EML file is unknown.

These are some reasons that can become a hindrance to opening EML file attachments in Outlook.

Solutions to Solve Unable to Open EML File Attachment in Outlook

To solve the problem, there are two main solutions: manual and automated. In manual mode, you can drag your EML file with attachments and drop them in the Outlook folder. Then you can easily solve this by right-clicking on the file. With this, you can open EML file attachments in Outlook very easily. But, after that, you’re still not able to export EML file attachments, so the automated solution is the best. In this case, we use the software mentioned above to fix the error. Therefore, there are two solutions available: manual and automated.

Manual Solution for Unable to Open EML File Attachment in Outlook

This solution is free and installs the latest Outlook software version. Following are the steps to fix the error.

  1. First, select the EML files with attachments you want to exhort.
  2. Then, go to the Outlook software and create a new folder.
  3. Drag the EML file and drop it in the newly created folder.
  4. Repeat the same step to transfer the EML file attachment.

Limitation of Manual Solution

This method can be helpful to solve the problem of being unable to open EML file attachment in Outlook. But there are some drawbacks that can become an issue.

  • The first problem is that you have to move the files in Outlook by hand, which means you have to repeat the same steps again to import your files.
  • There is no guarantee that the attachment is of good quality or not.
  • The chances of human error are high.
  • If you have a corrupted EML file, then this solution does not solve it.
  • After moving all the files, there are some cases where the problem still exists.

Automated Solution to Fix Unable to Open EML File Attachment in Outlook

If a manual solution does not work, then use the software. The software is free to download and can easily convert EML file attachments in Outlook. Moreover, it also offers various features.

Features of Automated Software

  • The software can easily convert multiple EML files into PST files with attachments.
  • It maintains the on-disc folder hierarchy of your files.
  • You can also create separate PST for each folder.
  • The software provides advanced settings to the user, like split PST files and date range filters.
  • Users can preview their files in various modes like HEX, MIME, HTML, Attachment, etc.

Steps to Convert EML Files into PST

  1. Download and launch the software. After opening, you can see on the left side that a list of EML files is present.
  2. Click on the EML files with attachments. Preview the files.
  3. Click Export to convert all files, or If you want to convert selected files, select the file and click the Export Selected option.
  4. Click on PST for the export type. Click on Advance Settings.
  5. If you want to split PST file, then set the size at which your file will be divided.
  6. If you want to export selected data, then set the date range filter. click on the Save button.
  7. Browse the location of your output file. Click on Create separate PST for Each Folder, and at last, click the Export button.


In this article, we explain how you can solve the problem of being unable to open EML file attachment in Outlook. For that, we have to use two methods. The first is manual; this method is free and simple to follow. But if you have to import several EML files with attachments, Then, it will take more time. Therefore, a second-method automated solution is the best solution. Because you can convert multiple EML files in just a few minutes, Also, experts highly recommend this software.

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