Top 10 Features to Keep in Mind for Taxi Booking App Development

The companies that are developing taxi booking apps are booming as the taxi industry is also thriving. People are readily using taxis not only for long-distance travel but also becoming a go-to option for daily office goers. However, the company that has a comparatively good taxi booking app in development is staying ahead of the curve. Let’s take a look at the top 10 features that a taxi booking app must have in order to beat the competitors.

Top 10 Taxi Booking App Features That Businesses Must Have 

  • Seamless onboarding

The first step of any app should be user registration. It should be easy, seamless, and should complete in the least steps possible. You obviously don’t want your users to leave at the very first stage because of the lengthy onboarding process. Also, you don’t want the process hectic for your drivers as well.

Here is some basic information that you would like to have:

  • Name of the user
  • Mobile number or Email address or both
  • Password or OTp

  • Multiple payment methods

Payment should be one of the most secure and seamless steps. Also, there should be multiple payment options for the ease of the users. Mobile wallet, net banking, UPI, cash payment, all these payment gateways should be included.

  • Geolocation

A taxi app must support GPS as it will be beneficial for both the driver and the passenger as they will be able to locate each other. Riders will be able to determine the pickup and drop location and check the status of their journey.

  • Ride scheduling

The app should have a facility where users can schedule a ride in advance. This adds to the convenience as the consumer can book for a suitable time and location avoiding the last-minute hassle of worrying about the driver’s availability.

  • Push notifications

During a taxi booking app development, you should mind integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. CRM will help you send push notifications to the customers stating offers and discounts. Also, it will help them reach potential customers with alert notifications.

  • Saved destinations

This feature enables users to save locations they often visit so that they can use it later at any stage. This removes the hectic process of updating the address every time the user books a ride.

  • Trip history

Again, a feature very useful for both the driver and the rider. They can see the detailed list of trips they have taken in the past or something that they have scheduled for the future. It displays the duration along with the fare of each ride.

  • SOS assistance

SOS assistance is crucial for emergency cases so that riders can instantly send the current ride details to the police and the emergency contact they have saved in the list dedicated.

  • Ratings

Feedback is really important for both passengers as well as drivers. Riders can rate the experience of their ride while drivers can also rate the customers on their behavior.

  • Automobile categories

What good is a taxi app if can’t provide you with the options of types of vehicles to choose from? Riders should be able to select the type of vehicle as per their comfort. The app must display the number of seating and fare that each type would incur.


If you are the owner of a taxi business and wondering what your app must include, then this is it. Above-given are the top essential features that your app must contain for a better customer experience. Also, to end the search for a good android  app development company, Mobi India is one for you. With a good development partner and a competitive taxi booking app, you can surely expect a surge in your business.

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