8 Tricks to publish stories or Make Instagram Stories more original

In addition to the indications I mentioned, the thing has continued since. As you have verified, this functionality could play a lot of play within the strategy of any private user or company.

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Therefore, I would like to give you some tips so that you can get the most out of it:

1º Take advantage of the stories to enhance the brand image of your business

As I have told you before, we have been facing a “boom” of social networks since a few years ago; this platform tried to compete with Snapchat with this functionality; it has millions of users hooked on it.

For this reason, if you have created a personal profile for your business and want to take advantage of the popularity of Stories, now is the best time to move your Instagram account from unique to business, continue to maintain your current community, and start sharing fun content on her behalf.

2º Add motivating phrases

One of the types of content that have traditionally been most successful in the publications of the users of this platform has been the colorful and attractive images accompanied by famous quotes or invented by yourself.

Therefore, what is better than taking advantage of them and creating these phrases for Instagram photos and sharing them in your stories daily or at least weekly? Wishing your followers a good weekend with this emotional content without abusing it could motivate them.

3º Use original videos

Another trick that is highly valued, both by the platform through its algorithm and by the users, is videos.

And it is that, given the success that this format continues to reap in general among all those who use this network, you could record special moments of your day-to-day or even yourself in “selfie” mode greeting your friends or acquaintances.

The latter is prevalent since putting yourself in front of the camera could help you get out of your comfort zone, lose your shame, and also, depending on the type of business you have, you could anticipate some details of what your following product or service will be like.

If you are a blogger like me, give a few brushstrokes of what your next post will be about and keep your followers attentive to your Blog so that they run to read it as soon as you publish it.

In addition to recording live videos, you can record them locally on your smartphone and then edit them to look more professional.

4º Remember to take “vertical” photos and videos

Whenever the occasion allows it, remember that your images and videos are as vertical as possible to take advantage of all the space the platform will enable you to publish this type of content.

A considerable gap will be free above and below if these are horizontal. Although you can fill it with original phrases like the ones I mentioned before or even with GIFs, this will detract from what is really important: the image or video.

5º Share the best moments of your business

Really, and at least in my opinion, Instagram stories are the perfect content to offer your community, in a fun, fresh and recurring way, the best moments of everything that happens within your business.

Some examples of how to use stories in this case are:

If you have a restaurant, to encourage your potential clients to come this weekend for dinner, you could record videos of how the cooks begin to prepare the dishes, capturing the good vibes between the different colleagues.

6º You will also have visibility from the computer

For some time now, given its brand-new success, it has also been visible to those who prefer to check their Instagram timeline or Stories from a laptop (PC or Mac). This means you will increase the chances that other users will see your content.

7º Use the full potential of hashtags

If you already know what a hashtag is, they have enormous potential here, just like in other networks such as Pinterest and Twitter.

Therefore, if you include one of these tags, not only will those contacts who already follow you be able to see them, but those who still need to be your followers will be able to see your stories if they type that hashtag in their search engine.

As you may imagine, this action will increase the chances of getting more followers on Instagram.

8º Encourage engagement with Storytelling

The possibility of sharing this type of publication without limit throughout the same 24 hours means you can tell all those anecdotes your followers should know about your business or your daily activity.

In this way, if you spin a good start, you will keep them aware of all the Storytelling you tell them, either verbally through your videos, images, or a combination of elements you add.

Thanks to these stories or Story, the more time your followers interact with your profile, the more the Instagram algorithm will make you visible, even among those who still don’t know or follow you.


Suppose something is evident, and we must recognize all dedicated to Internet Businesses. In that case, Instagram stories are one of the most successful content on social networks today.

Not surprisingly, it has many advantages that make it a different, new, and fun type of publication: the ideal qualifiers to precisely define this social platform.

Therefore, put them into practice starting today to increase engagement with your followers and highlight special moments within your business or daily life.

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