How to Use Your Cell Phone as a Productivity Tool: Discovering Top Apps and Techniques

No doubt, the smartphone is a valuable invention of all time. But with its pros, it also comes with an endless list of problems such as poor focus, internet addiction, disturbed sleep, crooked posture, and worse turning humans into “zombies” – people who cannot cross the street without staring at their phone. Despite its alarming list of downsides, it’s rightly believed that a smartphone is a utility-packed item if it is used properly!

From setting up your notifications to utilizing useful apps, there are plenty of ways available to turn your cell phone into an ultimate productivity tool, especially boosting your productivity as a student.

While keeping this in mind we’ll explore How to Use Your Cell Phone as a Productivity Tool – Discovering Top Apps and Techniques to help in your cause!

Turn Your Cell Phone Into a Productivity Tool: Top Apps and Techniques

Every pointless spend of time is equivalent to time spent doing nothing and takes you one step away from your goal.

So to optimize your phone for productivity, here are top apps and techniques you can utilize for better focus while you’re hard at work!

  • Block All Unnecessary Notifications

Mobile notifications are essential to keep you alert. However, these pop-ups are mere disturbances if not set up accordingly. To improve your productivity, blocking all unwanted notifications can be a good option to remain focused for the whole day.

Fewer alerts for text messages, and social media updates means making the most of your day. Utilize the “Do not disturb” mobile in-built feature to allow calls from certain contacts while blocking others.

Also, you better customize and set app notifications to specific availability hours to answer important emails and team messages on Slack, reducing their frequency or disabling them altogether.

  • Vacate Your Cell Phone from Pointless Apps

Without knowing we sometimes spend an unreasonable amount of time on unproductive apps. These are those apps that are purely leisure based but don’t add to the productivity of our day. Unfortunately, these apps eat up a major chunk of our life if not rectified on time.

Therefore, better identify unproductive apps with zero value to life and press the delete button on them.

  • Restructure Your Home Screen

Who knew that restructuring your home screen and reshuffling vital apps on top help you keep the most relevant apps readily available when you unlock your phone? Try placing your utility tools at the front of the home page while moving others to secondary pages.

For example, if you find yourself falling addicted to social media after a minute of usage when you could be doing other tasks, you could shift your social media app to a different page. If you want to check your email more, place your email app on your home page. In short, a well-organized home screen can help you find your apps easily while cutting down your time on finding the apps.

  • Download Pocket – Save Interesting Articles for later In One Tap

When we’re busy at work, it’s uncanny that we come across insightful articles at that time. Subsequently, you end up adding up articles into open tabs or losing them forever. Interestingly, this is where downloading the Pocket app can solve your frustration while saving insightful articles for later purposes in one tap. Pocket is super valuable for keeping your commute productive and using spare time for something beneficial.

  • Track Phone App Usage for A Wise Use

Most phones have this in-built feature to generate usage reports found via the settings app. If not available on your phone, you may also consider downloading external apps like Moment that give you a visual representation of your time spent on your cell phone, help you cut from your phone, and get into productive mode.

Remember, once you become aware of your screen time habit, you can make adjustments to help you be more productive.

  • Don’t Start Or End Your Productive By Checking Onto Cell Phone

By welcoming your day with the cell phone, you expose your mind to the chaos of the world. Instead, your morning should be dedicated to improving focus and purpose in life.

The same goes for ending your day when it’s bedtime. After a productive day, your brain needs serenity to start your other day fresh. Some alternatives to your phone before bed include: reading a book, making an action plan for tomorrow, taking a bath, writing in your journal, stretching, meditating, spending time with your significant other, and many more you can invent yourself.

  • Take a Break from Your Phone to Disconnect and Recharge!!

Taking a break from your cell phone is a great way to disconnect and Recharge! Keeping a gap not only improves your productivity of the day but also discourages unnecessary usage of smartphones out of habit.

You can make this strategy more effective by placing your cell phone in another room or hiding it in your drawer for a while.


The cell phone is a useful invention with its ability to connect with your closed ones, especially for students, cell phones are the prime device to remain updated on their assignments, or other important alerts.

With its undeniable pros, it also comes with an endless list of side effects. The back-and-forth usage kills the life of a cell phone, and causes it to stop where it’s most needed!

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