Top 10 magazine WordPress themes

Need to find the best magazine WordPress themes to create a topical or informational website?

News or information sites come and go today, but many are becoming popular. For example, The Verge was founded less than three years ago, and today, it has become one of the dominant players in the category of news sites, especially for those related to technological topics, and whose number of visitors per month is estimated in millions. In this list, we will offer you the best WordPress themes to create news or news websites.

But before you start, if you’ve never installed WordPress, discover How to install a WordPress blog in 7 steps et  How to find, install and activate a WordPress theme on your blog.

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1. Portallum

This WordPress theme must be the one that will help you to create a magazine website easily. This will allow you to customize your website as often as you like. A fully working website can be made without any programming knowledge.

You can create your content effortlessly with the help of the WordPress Elementor plugin. The latter suite also accompanies the JetElements suite, which brings new modules that will simplify and improve its handling.

You will also find the JetMenu plugin to create your personalized Mega Menus with just a few clicks. Furthermore, Portallum will allow you to make every website page responsive on any device. And if you have any questions during installation, free lifetime customer support is available 24/7 to help you resolve them.

2. HasNews

Hashnews is a cutting-edge WordPress theme that builds websites for news, magazines, and reviews. It is fully responsive, so its look remains beautiful on all devices.

This WordPress theme is built based on KingCompose with many powerful page builder elements and features. Also, 40+ KingComposer plugins and 20+ native Hashnews plugins are available.


Many options allow users to create something that accurately represents their high visibility. Post typography can be improved with Google web fonts. Featured news, trending headlines, top headlines, and Twitter posts are available for all customers.

3. Globera

This is a responsive newspaper or magazine WordPress theme whose publications are scientific only. For this, its look offers a complex layout that highlights each magazine published on its website.

In this WordPress theme, the essential blog functionality is closely intertwined with social media sharing and email marketing through different shapes, buttons, and widgets, so you won’t need to install additional plugins to connect your website to your accounts.

As mentioned earlier, the layout is highly diverse, which means it increases the attractive features of your blog by providing your readers with related and featured posts. This WordPress theme ensures your website looks the same on all devices, whether a desktop, tablet, smartphone or even a smart TV (Smart TV).


TIMES is a premium WordPress theme ideal for creating a website that deals with news or information topics. This WordPress theme is designed considering the requirements that high-traffic websites need and is optimized for search engines.

It also supports social media and search-engine-optimized SEO offers. And if you’re a developer and want to take your site customization even further, it offers well-documented code that you can easily modify. 

With the help of the control panel, you can create sidebars, customize the typography, colors or change the templates. It is a WordPress theme of incredible simplicity but power that you can try by consulting its demo.

5. The Next Mag

Next Mag is a WordPress theme designed to allow easy creation of websites specializing in information processing. It offers many options that will enable you to quickly create a website that looks unique.

Its customization is based on one of the powerful WordPress plugins that will allow you to change the latter’s layout visually without any knowledge of the code. If you want to give paid access to some of your articles, it is compatible with WooCommerce, an extension allowing you to integrate a robust online store into your website. 

Other features, not least, come with this WordPress theme to help you create a website that will green the competition.

6. magneto

Suppose you are looking for a WordPress theme that will allow you to create an information website easily or that will enable you to give your news website more notoriety. In that case, the Magneto WordPress theme is the solution. Perfect for your concerns.

It is a highly fluid and responsive WordPress theme that displays on any device, whatever the screen size. Furthermore, it is compatible with all recent and modern browsers and offers a unique browsing experience on all devices.

It is compatible with WooCommerce and bbPress, allowing you to sell your content and install a powerful comments module on your website. Its configuration options panel will allow you to customize every element and section of your website.

7. Click Mag

Click Mag is a unique WordPress theme, resourceful and highly reliable, wonderfully scalable and amazingly readable, user-friendly, high impact and very memorable, bright and colorful, powerful and attractive, bold and outspoken, unabashedly designed, and incredibly feature-rich that will help you to create a new site especially.

It comes with many features; its interface displays perfectly on any screen. This WordPress theme is easy to master, whether for beginners or professionals. With just a few clicks, users will be able to change their website’s color scheme.

And if you need more time, you can import content from demo pages that will allow you to get start quickly. This feature will benefit anyone who needs to gain knowledge of web development.

8. Outline

Sketch is a WordPress theme with an excellent layout for creating a magazine website, so it remains one of the most used WordPress themes. Every detail of this WordPress theme has been thought through with care. Its typography across all mobile platforms remains excellent, and several subtle visual effects have been implement to enhance the user experience.

It is a fully responsive WordPress theme compatible with WooCommerce and WPML plugins. Additionally integrated is a page builder that allows for visual modification of the various layouts. You can also take advantage of its unlimited number of layout templates, a mega menu, and a reasonably clean configuration options panel whose handling remains intuitive.

Esquise is a WordPress theme useful for fashion bloggers, fashion magazines, or portfolio websites.

9. Sahifa

Sahifa is one of the most downloaded and rated professional WordPress themes in the magazine’s WordPress theme category at ThemeForest. Since its creation today, it has received no less than 200 updates and improvements that guarantee today’s stability and power that you will appreciate.

It is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, which will help you to integrate a robust store on your website, to sell different editions of your magazine. 

It also integrates many features, including RTL support, a configuration panel, compatibility with the WPML plugin, the support of many shortcodes, and responsive design, among others, which will help you promote your magazine on the Internet.

10. Onfleek

Designed with a clean, modern, and professional design, the Onfleek WordPress theme specializes in creating a magazine website whose appearance will undoubtedly attract your readers or subscribers.

Its clean and modern layout automatically adapts to all types of devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.). It incorporates a powerful slider that will allow you to display your featured or recent articles, to name just a few.

Its customization is based on one of the powerful WordPress plugins that will allow you to change the layout of the latter visually without having to add a single line of code. If you grant paid access to some of your articles, it comes with the WooCommerce plugin that will help you create different mechanisms for buying and selling your pieces on the Internet.

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